Saturday, October 20, 2018

A warm welcome awaits you . . . .

Welcome to our Web site! There are two Methodist churches in St Neots, one on either side of the river, and both will give you a very warm welcome! Most of the information on this site relates to Berkley Street Methodist (in Eynesbury), but there is also a special page dedicated to the church in Eaton Ford. Whether you live in the area or are just visiting, whether you have an active Christian faith or none, a very warm welcome awaits you in either of these places. 

 At both churches  we seek to share the love of Jesus Christ in our local community and in the world. In worshipping and serving God, and living for Jesus Christ, we find meaning and purpose for our lives.

Morning Worship 2 Cafe worship Morning worship 1 The view across Berkley Street Morning worship 3 Entrance and car park
    The Methodist Church  T: 01480 404909
    10 Berkley Street
    St Neots  
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